The Cook Islands are open for business with no Covid Testing or Vaccination requirements. Flights from New Zealand to Rarotonga, Aitutaki and the other Outer Islands present close to home tropical holiday options connecting you to premium and luxury accommodation options, self service villas or more intrepid tours of the Outer Islands of Atiu, Mangaia, Mitiaro and Mauke.

As a full service travel agency, Fine Travel can advise on and book your flights to Rarotonga (and the Outer Islands) and your accommodation, travel insurance and rental car hire.


Best Time of Year to Visit the Cook Islands

As a tropical destination, the Cook Islands generally has a warm climate that appeals when the New Zealand winter takes hold. The Cook Islands summer is generally considered the wet season and in summer the trade winds can pick up. When planning your Cook Islands getaway it's important to consider the seasons.

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Resorts and Villas

Unlike Fiji which is home to some of the most well known brands in tourism, the Cook Islands are known for their boutique independent resort brands.  An important decision is whether you are looking for a resort style holiday or more independence with a self catering villa.

Pacific Resort Hotel Group, with the Pacific Resorts on Rarotonga and Aitutaki, Te Manava Villas and the Little Polynesian, is well known by many New Zealand travellers.  Boutique luxury properties like Rumours, Sea Change Villas, Nautilus and Te Vakaroa Villas provide true luxury by international standards.

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Comparing Beaches at the Luxury Resorts

Rarotonga's beaches are world class by any standard, but not all beaches are created equal.  While Rarotonga's luxury resorts and villas may offer beachfront access, the coral in the lagoon can affect whether you can swim directly in from of your accommodation. In this article we review the beaches in front of the leading luxury resorts and villas on Rarotonga.

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Intrepid Outer Island Tours

For travellers who have "done" Rarotonga and are now looking for something a little different, the Southern Group of the Cook Islands offers an authentic and intrepid look at Island Life.  Join a tour to the islands of Atiu, Mauke, Mitiaro and Mangaia and spend time exploring their unique geographies and local cuisine.

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Special Occasions and Groups

Rarotonga's network of self catering villas make it an ideal overseas destination to celebrate a wedding, a significant birthday with family and friends, or just to getaway.  Properties like the Sands Villas on Rarotonga have three 3 bedroom villas that can be booked for a family group of up to 18 people and with the neighbouring property that can take two more guests.

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Air New Zealand offers direct flights between Auckland and Rarotonga and we can also book through fares from other domestic New Zealand airports (and connecting flights with Air Rarotonga to Aitutaki).  As Air New Zealand gets a better sense of the demand for flights to Rarotonga it is adjusting its schedule accordingly. 

The flight to Rarotonga is just over three and a half hours, and depending on the aircraft type all cabins classes (Economy, Premium Economy and Business Class) are available. As the flight crosses the International Date Line it's important to ensure that your accommodation is booked from the date you arrive on Rarotonga.

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Although the Cook Islands has its own currency, 1 Cook Islands dollar is equivalent to 1 New Zealand dollar.  New Zealand currency (notes and coins) are accepted as legal tender in the Cook Islands.

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WIFI packages

Internet packages can be purchased on Rarotonga from either the local provider or through the majority of the resorts and villas.

Rental Car

Rarotonga's road network comprises a ring road around the islands and a network of backroads that can be fun to explore.  Most properties will provide a transfer service to and from the airport, but once you are settled into your accommodation there are plenty of opportunities to use a car (or van for a group). 

Whether it is drive into Avarua (main street) to explore the shops and markets, drive to a new snorkelling spot like Titikaveka, visit the sailing club or have dinner at a local restaurant (or another resort) there a car can be put to good use.

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