Silversea Cruises is a well known and respected ultra-luxury brand that we categorise as "True Luxury".  As Barbara Muckermann, Silversea's Chief Commercial Officer, explains: "Luxury takes on different meanings for different people, yet everyone instantly recognises it when they see the real thing.  For Silversea, real luxury is about offering our guests the most incredible experiences our world can offer, because we know that our guests share our curiosity."

The tone for Silversea's approach to luxury is also set by the ships all suite design, with each suite serviced by a butler. As an all inclusive cruise line, once you step aboard you do so in the knowledge that you have paid for everything and can now just focus on enjoying your cruise.  Fernando Barroso de Oliveira, President's Ambassador to the Venetian Society describes Silversea's luxury service as: "[taking] pride in getting to know you, caring for you attentively by providing a tailored service that's enriched with a unique level of personalisation: from our bar staff who recall how you like your drinks to our butlers who, serving every suite, anticipate your needs before they even arise".

Why Silversea and Fine Travel

Silversea takes pride in its Italian heritage, its ultra-luxury ethos, and the elegant design of its ships - all of which inform its approach to luxury.

Day-to-day Silversea offers a Country Club casual environment, however if dinner jackets, tuxedos and cocktail dresses are part of your travel wardrobe, and you look forward to the formal nights onboard, then Silversea will resonate.

When considered in totality, Silversea's "Door to Door" inclusive approach can offer more value than its ultra-luxury contemporaries, or even cruise lines in the Premium space.  In addition to being All Inclusive onboard (i.e. your fare includes multiple dining options and beverages, and shore excursions) by including Private Executive transfers to and from your home, international flights (or an air credit) with reduced rates for Business Class upgrades, transfers and luggage handling between the airport / pier you can access a truly all inclusive price that can work out more affordable than joining a cruise with a less expensive standalone fare.

The all inclusive approach allows your days and evenings to flow smoothly (without needing to reach for your credit card) and for mixing with other guests for meals and drinks to seamlessly avoid the need for splitting bills or keeping on top of whose round it is (and whether to pay a tip).


Silversea is distinguished by its ships being all suite in design, and each suite is serviced by a butler. The rationale behind each suite having a butler is Silversea's belief that luxury service should be consistent throughout the ship, regardless of the suite category you choose.  So whether you choose an entry level suite, or the most expensive suite onboard, Silversea's goal is for the service you receive to be the same.

Although calling on a butler may not be intuitive, or comfortable, for prospective guests, Silversea's goal is to leave you wondering how you managed without one.  From unpacking your suitcase, to shining your shoes, to facilitating your laundry requests, your butler is there to serve you. They will make sure your room is always in pristine condition, ensure white tablecloth in-suite service, deal with any special request you might have and guarantee your customised in-suite bar is always full (they could even draw a bath or organise an in-suite cocktail party).


For guests looking beyond classic itineraries, such as the Mediterranean, Silversea offers a comprehensive portfolio of soft expedition cruises.

As the first luxury cruise lines to offer Expedition Cruises to Antarctica, guests benefit from the decades of experience Silversea has built into its itineraries and its expedition team.

With purpose built ships for the unique demands and requirements of destinations like Antarctica, the Arctic, Alaska, the Galapagos and Australia's Kimberley Region guests can enjoy the Silversea experience in a soft expedition environment.

Conrad Combrink, SVP Expeditions, reminds guests that the Silversea Expedition Team accompanies guests to all seven continents: "Their expert knowledge enriches our travels and develops us as people".


When you book your Silversea cruise through Fine Travel you’ll enjoy its true luxury all-inclusive experience and benefit from our boutique, concierge style of travel services. We have access to all Silversea's local special offers and different fare types.  We have a long-standing relationship with Silversea's New Zealand representative so we can assist with any questions, issues, or special requirements. As a full-service travel agency we can also arrange connecting flights and travel insurance.

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