Fine Cruises

Africa – North & Middle East

Africa will astound all who visit, taking you up close and personal to African wildlife habitats and incredible landscapes.

Africa – South & Central

Africa is always about its wild life and most cruises include the opportunity to experience this at some stage of the itinerary.

Alaska & Canada West

Beautiful Alaska, the last untouched wilderness. See the most spectacular scenery and wildlife this life can offer.


Few visitors have the privilege of experiencing Antarctica but those who do will be ambassadors for the protection of this pristine continent.

Arctic North Atlantic

Timelessness is the key word, says Carol Kasza. It begins with the light–until you've experienced an Arctic summer, you can't conceive of the abundance of time that 24 hours of daylight gives you.

Arctic Northwest and Northeast Passages

An epic expedition for true explorers who are able to Sail in the wake of famous explorers, surrounded by a landscape of glaciers, mountains and vast plains – spectacular and unspoilt.


Asia is a land of contrasts.Cruise the region or cruise a single destination. Exploring the region by ship often combines well with a stopover in this exciting area.

Asian Rivers

Asia has four major navigable rivers that offer wonderful river cruise experiences

Atlantic Trans

To cross the North Atlantic is one of the worlds great line voyages - nostalgia and relaxation are the 2 keys to these popular cruises.


Cruise the Barrier Reef, the North West Coast, Tasmania or the Inland Rivers. Australia is one of the world's most desirable destinations.