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Venice Simplon-Orient Express

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This is one of the most amazing train rides that you will ever take in your life. It can take anywhere from two to six days, depending whether you want to travel from Venice via Paris to London, or include Prague, Budapest, and Istanbul.

As an example, take the two-day trip from Venice to London. You board the train at Venice Santa Lucia station, settle in, and soon enjoy a three-course lunch in one of the restaurant cars. During the afternoon, you can wonder at the amazing passing scenery from the comfort of your own cabin. Afternoon tea will be served in your cabin, and then you will enjoy a four-course dinner later on, prepared by a skilled French chef, served in the restaurant car. After dinner, you may retire to your cabin, which has now been transformed by the staff into a cosy bedroom.


The following morning, your steward will serve breakfast in your cabin at a time that suits you. The train pulls into Paris and halts for 40 minutes, which enables you to stretch your legs with a stroll along the platform. As you travel towards the North French coast for the Channel crossing, you will be served a delicious brunch in the restaurant car. Once on English soil, you join the British Pullman for the rest of the journey to London. However, before you get to London you will have afternoon tea served with a glass of champagne.

You can also do this the other way round, travelling from Victoria Station in London and crossing the Channel into France. After enjoying your four-course dinner, you retire to your bedroom for a comfortable night’s sleep. When you awaken in the morning, you are travelling through the Swiss Alps. A three-course lunch is served in the restaurant car, and afterwards you pass through the Italian Dolomites, but all too soon, you are in Venice.


Another trip that you can take on this amazing train is via Prague. Leaving Venice, you will pull into the Smichov station in Prague on the afternoon of the second day, and transfer to your chosen hotel for two nights. On the third day, you can enjoy the sights of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. You can take a guided tour or simply wander about at your leisure.

The following morning is also yours to spend as you please in Prague, and then you re-join the Venice Simplon-Orient Express for your journey onward to London. Lunch and afternoon tea are served as always, and after dinner you may head for the bar and enjoy a whisky, or brandy or two, (or even three!), before retiring for the night.

On day five, you will have a Continental breakfast, and a wonderful lunch, and then afternoon tea, after a quick crossing of the English Channel, before finishing up in London.

Travelling across Europe on the Venice Simplon-Orient Express is an astonishing journey, and one that you will not want to miss.