After travelling extensively through Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Pacific, I decided to make travel my full-time career in 2000.

I’ve tried every type of holiday – from backpacking to silver service luxury, cruising, tours, and just plain free-wheeling it. Travel is the ultimate adventure and while you’re unlikely to step foot somewhere that no one else has been before, the fact that a destination is new to you means you are partaking in the one thing only travel can consistently deliver – discovery.

No trip leaves you unchanged, and even 4 balmy nights in Fiji will give you a different perspective on life.

To jump off a rock, watch the sun rise over a sacred temple, savour gelato, touch a snake, ride a Ferris wheel on Santa Monica Pier, or to sob silently through an unexpectedly graceful show you went to only because you were walking past at the right moment – these are the experiences that make an adventure. It’s not always the momentous things your friends will ask you about, and it’s usually not the things you plan.

However, every great adventure starts with a plan, and I would be honoured to help you with that plan, whether you take the road less travelled or one of the many roads that lead to Rome.