My two greatest passions are travel and elephants – but the elephants are another story!

If you are either a first time or well-seasoned traveller, I would love to help you with your travel plans.

From visiting the many aspects of Australia, to basking in the sun on a South Pacific Island, hitting the beaches and shopping in Thailand or enjoying the beauty and history of Europe (including what to do in a Police Station in Poland – another story again!), or the supposed perils of Papua New Guinea, I would love to assist.

Even with practical travel tips – eg throw a pack of cable ties in your luggage should your suitcase handles come apart – although I wouldn’t have the lovely African wirework holding my suitcase together if I had listened to my own advice!

I am fortunate enough to have managed to step foot on all Continents, bar the Antarctica. And that is still sitting on my bucket list. Watch this space.

I have clients that travel to some of the less frequented corners of the globe. So no matter which Continent you may need to visit for work or pleasure – I am happy to assist with your travel to the obscure and not so obscure destinations and find the best way to get you there (and home).