After learning that I took my first steps in an airport in Maui it was clear where my passion for travel (and Hawaii) came from. My earliest travel memories in fact are handing out sweets on Air New Zealand flights and visiting the pilots in the cockpit (when you still could!).

For me travel is about discovering and experiencing the sights, sounds and local delicacies of somewhere new. Whether it’s diving into a Po Boy in New Orleans, body surfing on Kauai, watching elephants in a game reserve, exploring Melbourne’s markets or sharing a Brooklyn pizza with friends the experiences are endless.

With two very busy kids, we are looking at a cruise for our next holidays (travelling through South East Asia is also pretty high on our list as well!).  After watching Anthony Bourdain in Japan I’m fascinated by the idea of chicken sashimi – eating it myself may be a step too far…

After a career working in professional services firms, I now have the pleasure of working with the excellent team at Fine Travel – a group of people who are truly passionate about travel.