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Is a Globus Group Tour on a Coach the Right Holiday For You?

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Globus Tour Coach

In our article on the Benefits of a Group Tour  we set out the key advantages to help Fine Travel clients decide whether it is a style of travel that would suit them.  If a group tour appeals, Globus is one of the leading names in group tours so in this blog we address the question: Is a Globus tour right for me?

A Recap on Group Tours

Group tours involve pre-planned itineraries, generally involving multiple cities onboard a large modern coach (such as the Globus coach pictured above).  The tour is guided and local experts may also join at various points along the way.  For first time visitors to a region a group tour can be an excellent way to see the highlights as well as to get a taste of local experiences.

Accommodation and meals are generally included (in some cases where the itinerary includes a free day to explore, meals are at your own expense).

About Globus

Globus is a European travel company that is part of a larger group that includes other well known brands such as Avalon Waterways and Cosmos.  Based in Switzerland it is one of the most popular group touring companies for New Zealand travellers.  Globus offers itineraries through the UK and Europe, North America (the USA and Canada), South America, Central America and Asia.

The standard of accommodation is a minimum of 4 to 4 1/2 star with many leading hotel brands used (such as the Fairmont properties in North America).  Each Globus itinerary includes a listing of the actual properties you’ll be staying at so you can review them before commiting to an itinerary.

Globus has a commitment to providing guests with authentic local experiences, so with each itinerary there are included and optional activities that provide an even greater insight into each destination.

Who Takes a Globus Tour?


As a European Tour company there are a wide range of passengers from different countries onboard.  Unlike some of their Australian or American owned competitors, you’re unlikely to find a Globus Coach Tour dominated by a single nationality.

What is the average age of a Globus guest?

The average age of a Globus guest is 55.  The tours are therefore designed with this is mind – especially key elements such as the pace of the tours, morning start times and the nature of the inclusions and activities.

Are the Coaches Crowded?

For some travellers, the idea of a group coach tour conjures up images of small crowded buses (not coaches) and the driver taking passengers to their cousins emporium for a good look around before a long drive on a hot bus to the next city.

Globus coaches are modern and designed for space and comfort.  Each coach can take up to 55 passengers, however on average a group size is only 37.  This means that there are empty rows and seats onboard.  The coaches are air conditioned and the seats recline (like Premium Economy) and there is an adjustable foot rest.

What if I need the toilet?

Travelling on a coach does raise personal questions like this.  Firstly, the coaches stop frequently during the course of a day’s itinerary to allow for pit stops (in Europe there is a mandated stop every two hours).  Each coach also has an emergency toilet onboard so you will never be “caught short”.

Do the Coaches have WIFI?

Yes each Globus coach has free WIFI so if you need to clear your emails or share photos with your family.

Do I need to Tip the Driver or Guides?

As tipping isn’t a big part of our culture in New Zealand, this is a common question for Globus guests.  Tipping is kept very easy – you can either:

  • Prepay your tips so it’s settled and you don’t need to think about it during the tour
  • Follow the guidance in your Globus pack and tip as you go based on your view of the service received (remember to carry cash with you).

There’s no right or wrong answer to how you decide to approach tipping, but the guidance is there to help.

Booking your Globus Tour with Fine Travel

As an authorised Globus booking agent, we can book your tour directly with Globus. This service is free (we do not add a margin) – the Fine Travel price and the Globus price are the same.  We can also provide you with the same Globus document packs and access to any past passenger credits (even if you didn’t book your previous tour with us), discounts or special offers that Globus promotes.  It is as if you are booking directly.

Even though your Globus Tour is booked through Fine Travel, you would still maintain your independence to login to your Globus account and choose optional extras.

By including your Globus Tour in a single Fine Travel itinerary, we can work with you to make sure that all you other arrangements connect up – such as your flights, any pre or post tour accommodation and any other activities (such as an Avalon river cruise).  We can also work with Globus to answer any questions you may have before deciding on a tour (a quick email to your Fine Travel Consultant is an easy process).

We include a selection of Globus Tours on our website as a guide to what is possible.  If you have a particular tour in mind, or would like us to post you a brochure to view at your leisure, please contact us.