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Emirates Direct Flight Returns to Auckland

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One of the most popular Business Class routes to the UK and Europe from New Zealand is returning with the Emirates direct service between Auckland and Dubai from July 2020.

Limited Services

During the Covid-19 lockdown Dubai was closed as a transit point to the UK and Europe. In the interim, Emirates has worked hard on introducing new hygiene measure onboard and at Dubai airport.

July (2020) is the first month that Emirates will return for passengers services between Auckland and Dubai and from our discussions with the Emirates team in Auckland, the airline has been working on housekeeping to confirm live bookings and the true demand for the services.

In the short to medium term the flights are likely to be limited (i.e. not daily) and therefore only available on certain days.

Business Class Prices

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Given the limited services to New Zealand and the reduced competition between foreign airlines we haven’t seen the tactical Business Class specials that were previously available.  Our initial observation has been that the Emirates Business Class airfares appear to be better than some of their competitors who have already returned.

As airline pricing and availability remains fluid, we continue to price on an “on request” basis.

Aircraft Type

Due to runway work at Auckland Airport there may be some changes to the aircraft that Emirates operates between Auckland and Dubai in the short-term.

Return and One-Way flights

Many of the requests we currently see are for one-way flights – either clients needing to return to the UK / Europe after being in New Zealand for the lock-down, or needing to get themselves (or a loved one) back from the UK / Europe to New Zealand.

Although some international airlines are only offering one-way flights, the Emirates service allows for a return booking.

Quarantine Measures

Although flights are available, quarantine measures on arrival in the UK / Europe may still apply (although exceptions for New Zealanders appear to be underway).  New Zealand’s compulsory quarantine measures will apply on returning to New Zealand (please always confirm with Immigration New Zealand).

Contact Fine Travel

If you need to travel to the UK and Europe, the Fine Travel team is available to assist with airline availability, pricing and the current airline policies for changes and cancellations due to Covid-19 disruptions.