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6 Ways a Bespoke Itinerary Makes Travelling More Enjoyable

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Imagine arriving in an exotic new country and feeling calm – not overwhelmed. You know exactly how to get to your accommodation, where you might eat that night, and what activities you might tick off tomorrow. It’s all mapped out for you on your bespoke itinerary.

A bespoke itinerary is ‘tailor-made travel’. It includes a high level of detail and is crafted by destination experts – it’s more like a personalised travel guide than your run-of-the-mill itinerary. Importantly, we design these itineraries with valuable contributions from niche experts and destination wholesalers who know the locations intimately.  Arriving amongst crowds at an airport and seeing your name on a handheld sign is where your personalised journey begins.

So, instead of just indicating the time your plane takes off and lands, your bespoke itinerary will include things like when your local guide arrives, highlights of what to anticipate at each destination and how you’re travelling from one place to the next. It’s created with your preferences, budget and timeframe in mind. It’s 100% tailored to your travel wishes.


Bespoke itineraries are perfect for those who love to travel but don’t have the time (or inclination) to plan. Travelling to a new destination can require a lot of research and organisation – especially somewhere you don’t speak the language or can’t tell the good parts of town from the bad.

Here are six reasons to consider a bespoke itinerary for your next holiday. Just be warned: once you go bespoke you won’t go back!

1. Save time, stress and money


Adequate preparation for a memorable holiday takes a lot of time and stress, so much so that planning for a holiday can feel like a full-time job – that’s why it is a full-time job! A bespoke travel agent will investigate the options available to you and work with reputable specialists, saving you precious time. Your travel agent will listen to your travel wishes and budget requirements and help you plan the holiday that suits you.  


2. Travel your way


Love trains but hate buses? Enjoy walking but not cycling? Only stay at 5-star hotels or prefer a charming family run character hotel? A bespoke itinerary will cater to all your travel preferences and standards. Our team gets to know what you love (and what you loathe) so we can create the perfect itinerary. It’s your holiday – make sure you holiday your way!


3. Let us take care of the logistics


Travel logistics (like booking flights, accommodation, tours, cruises, trains or private transfers) are an essential part of travel, but that doesn’t mean you have to deal with them yourself (let alone navigate all those different websites). At no additional cost, let us take care of all the frustrating logistics for you. We know the travel landscape well, so we can find you the best deals for a fraction of the time (and stress) it would take you to do so independently.


4. Save time and gain peace of mind


When you’re travelling to a new place, something as seemingly simple as booking accommodation can turn into a complex, high-risk task. What if you unknowingly book a hotel in the ‘wrong’ part of town? What if your accommodation is noisy? How will you know if you’re getting a good price? Think about the time it would take you to find accommodation – and then multiply that by every other task you’ll have to do (like booking transport, finding suitable places to eat and choosing which attractions to visit). Travel planning is hugely time-consuming, which is why it makes so much sense to let us take care of it for you.


5. Get expert travel tips


Forget internet reviews and guidebooks – get travel tips from trusted experts who know everything about your destination. We work with specialists in both New Zealand and your destination to make sure your holiday is nothing short of perfect. Your bespoke itinerary will be based on trusted advice, with tips that ensure you only see, eat, and experience the best places, restaurants, and activities.


6. Invest in a long-term travel relationship 

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Your bespoke itinerary is just the beginning. At Fine Travel, we’re all about building long-term relationships – we want to help you plan this holiday, and the next, and the next! You can trust us to do an exceptional job every time because the highlight of our job is when you come back from holiday and tell us about your incredible experience.

We can’t wait to help you plan this trip and many more to come. Get in touch today to start brainstorming your bespoke itinerary – but remember, once you go bespoke you won’t go back!