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2022 Viking Cruise from Barcelona to Auckland

With Viking’ s 2023-2024 World Cruise proving so popular, there are options to think laterally and combine voyages to create a memorable cruise holiday from Barcelona to Auckland.  The combined voyage departs Barcelona on 11 October 2022 and arrive in Auckland 92 days later on 10 January 2023.  Beyond the enticing ports of call, the departure date late in 2022 will also provide the opportunity for New Zealand’s border policy to take further shape during 2022.

As all Viking’s ships are identical, you can read up on selecting your stateroom in our article: How to choose your stateroom on a Viking Ocean Cruise. You can also read more from our onboard review of the Viking Sun when she was in Auckland in January 2020 as part of her record breaking World Cruise.

The combined voyages

Mediterranean Antiquity – Barcelona to Athens

15-days – 11/25 October 2022

Combine Journey to Antiquities and Iconic Western Mediterranean for a magnificent 15-day cruise from Barcelona to Athens . Explore the storied sites of ancient Greece and Rome, the glamour of Monte Carlo and the rich history of Marseille, uncovering classical treasures and vibrant cultures at every turn. Overnight stays in Athens, Florence and Barcelona give you ample time to immerse yourself in the culture, allowing for the most enriching discoveries.

Passage to India – Athens to Mumbai

21-days – 25 October / 14 November 2022

Trace the routes of the earliest merchants from Greece to India, stopping to meet caretakers of history. Explore the historic treasures of Greece and Israel, and head into the desert landscapes of Egypt and Jordan as you unveil ancient civilizations. Hear legends of the frankincense route of Salālah and browse some of the world’s oldest souks in Muscat, Oman’s capital. Overnights in Athens, Haifa and Mumbai bring even greater depth to your journey.

Across the Bay of Bengal – Mumbai to Bangkok

16-days – 14 / 29 November 2022

Embark on a journey and discover Sri Lanka’s colonial history during its time as Ceylon and explore India’s Portuguese heritage in Goa. Experience Malaysia’s richly spiritual culture and hear how residents balance customs and traditions with Asia’s modern economy. In Singapore, get a taste of the city’s cultural diversity and mingle with shoppers at a traditional Bangkok market. Overnights in Mumbai, Colombo and Bangkok help you explore fully.

Bangkok, Bali & Beyond – Bangkok to Bali

13-days – 29 November / 11 December 2022

Witness the fascinating juxtapositions of Southeast Asia, where long-held traditions infuse bustling capitals. See the floating markets of Bangkok with a Thai guide. Marvel at Kuala Lumpur’s soaring Petronas Towers. Absorb the vast cultural diversity of Singapore with a resident by your side. And gain unmatched insight into the spiritual and arts culture of Java, from the enormous temple of Borobudur to the historic riches of Jakarta and Surabaya.

Komodo and The Australian Coast – Bali to Sydney

17-days – 11/27 December 2022

Discover cultural splendours and cerulean beauty on the Indonesian archipelago and Australia’s legendary coast. Witness colourful traditions on Lombok Island. Explore Komodo National Park with a trained naturalist. Experience the charms of Darwin with a local. And uncover the cosmopolitan culture of Brisbane with a welcoming guide.

Australia & New Zealand – Sydney to Auckland

15-days – 27 December 2022/10 January 2023

From the metropolitan cities of Melbourne and Sydney to the natural beauty of coastal New Zealand, guests will explore nine ports of call during this 15-day journey. Sip on famous regional wines, explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Blue Mountains; explore the historic treasures of Dunedin, and capture panoramic views from Mt. Victoria in New Zealand.


Savings on a combined voyage

By combining the five itineraries into a back-to-back voyage guests will save up to A$1,000 per person (A$200 per person per itinerary).  The total for this combined voyage is therefore A$50,070pp twin share (subject to availability).


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