The Australian Travel Bubble

19 April 2021 marked an important travel milestone with the announcement that the New Zealand leg of the Trans-Tasman bubble was to be inflated.  As expected, there are details and caveats to be considered and we have already had flights paused and potential green zone breaches. At a high level we share our thoughts after the announcement (Image courtesy of Tourism Australia).

How the Pacific Resort Group Has Prepared for the Cook Islands Bubble

With its borders closed to international tourists for over a year, the pressure on the Cook Islands tourism industry has been significant.  The Pacific Resort Group – a name known to many travellers to the Cook Islands – has spent the time renovating and preparing for tourism to return.  (Image courtesy of Mark Seabury)

4 Questions to Ask of Your Health Insurance

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Like the pandemic clauses in Travel Insurance policies pre-Covid 19, the details of your Health Insurance policy can be neglected until you urgently need it.  If your policy doesn’t meet your requirements, it is better to review it when you are healthy, rather than discovering the shortfall when you’re in the waiting room. Here are 4 questions to ask of your health insurance.

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