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Guide to UK & Europe: By Rail, Cruise, Group Tour or Bespoke Itinerary
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The UK and Europe are a traveller’s paradise. Each country in the region offers incredible history, vibrant culture, delicious food, and jaw-dropping scenery. The only challenge is choosing how to explore it all.


Travelling the world isn’t just about the destination, it’s about finding the experiences that make you feel. Check your travel bucket list – what is waiting for you next? We’ll help you get there. Go about your daily routine trusting we’re doing all the hard work for you. Through our bespoke trip planning services we can work with you to design as much, or as little of the experience as you want. Along with your Flights and Accommodation we can … Read More

Benefits of Travelling New Zealand on a Group Tour
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Spending a week driving yourself from town to town, tourist spot to tourist spot, focussing on winding roads and missing the dramatic scenery isn’t everyone’s idea of a holiday.  This is where an Escorted Group Tour of New Zealand is appealing. 

Discover the Finer Details of Venice Simplon-Orient-Express
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If you’re looking to make a UK / Europe itinerary even more special, experiencing the famous Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is high on the list.  From overnight journeys to the longer Istanbul itineraries there is a scope to include this exceptional rail journey. 

4 Inspiring Experiences for ‘Time Rich Travellers’
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Up until now in life, you’ve spent your time running from pillar to post. Even your holidays have been fast and furious! Time constraints from juggling family and work have left you planning every detail of your holidays so you wouldn’t miss anything of significance. The last thing you wanted was to leave a destination without experiencing everything that the place has to offer. By the end of a holiday, you needed another one to recover!

Routeburn Track and Queenstown Experiences Holidays
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The Routeburn track is on many of our “I’ve been meaning to do that” list and can be included in a Fine Travel Southern Experiences itinerary.

A Holiday Experiencing Canada’s Wilderness (with a Touch of Luxury)
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Through Fine Travel’s relationship with specialist travel wholesale partner World Journeys, we are pleased to share with you an insight into their travel experiences, and the expertise we can draw on when planning your holidays. With increased airline competition on routes between New Zealand and North America we are seeing more frequent Business Class discounts, setting up our clients for memorable holidays.